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Calling my Power Back Oil

Calling my Power Back Oil

Calling My Power Back Oil is JUST THAT‼️ It is an empowerment oil with intentions to assist you in strengthening your own personal power. With the energies from the sun and earth, and natural citrine, this oil will assist in revitalizing your inner G and strengthening your aura. Use when you feel depleted after a long day or anytime you feel stuck, stagnant, unmotivated & uninspired. 🗣🗣🗣 CALL BACK YOUR POWER‼️✨✨✨ Apply to your wrists, nape of neck, templesand/or third eye area. Use the mantra given with purchase or use your own choice of personal affirmations. This oil may also be used for solar plexus chakra healing as well ☀️

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